Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ha Ha Whoops

ZPs: Mortal Kombat, Brink, LA Noire
XPs: Sequels again, finisher porn and TF2

Boy, you would have loved the podcast Gabriel and I vocalised yesterday. I say 'vocalised' rather than 'recorded' because after an hour we noticed that we forgot to get the actual recording device in on the action. Shame. It was a good one. You'd have loved it.


  1. i do this on skype all the time

  2. Sad, because I actually enjoy listening to your rubbish. Another thing I've enjoyed the past days is Mogworld, which turned out to be quite amusing.

  3. *cock my rifle and bring towards my eye* you did what!

  4. I cried a bit when I saw this... :'( It's nice to see you're kind of continuing the entire podcast thing, they're incredible procrastination tools. Now I just gotta check to see if Mogworld is available anywhere :\

  5. So, when can we expect another one?

  6. I bet the conversation was the exact length of the missing Watergate scandal recording too.

  7. In a way this is my favourite podcast. Its like when you go out and you meet someone really cool and things are proceeding nicely. You give them your mobile #, you know the new one that youve just got and havent memorised yet, and this is the FIRST person youre giving it to, it must be love. Inevitably you get ONE digit wrong and only realise hours later as youre strutting up the street. that sinking feeling that something beautiful went terribly and horribly wrong. I bet this podcast was the best.

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