Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho Etc

Blimey, I am being lax in updating this site. It's like I'm incredibly busy with various exciting projects like my second novel for example. Anyway, it's the Christmas season and that means next week will be my traditional week off for the holidays, and there won't be an XP or a ZP, except for a clip show filler episode I think Russ and the lads are putting together. Hope you're all having a lovely time resenting each other.

Anyway, here's all the stuff I haven't linked to yet. XPs: little touches in games and the fun of extravagant gore. ZPs: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Epic Mickey and Splatterhouse.

Splatterhouse I want to dwell on for a second, because I want it on record that I don't usually play 'challenge rooms' in games when I'm done with the main story. But in this case, I did. I played the Splatterhouse challenge rooms. Why? Because it unlocked extra pictures of titties. Divided into four scraps and bestowed throughout the course of the battle, and the last scrap would almost always be the one with the actual titties on, the coy sons of bitches. Kudos to Splatterhouse for figuring out my personal carrot and stick.

Now, I know full well that it's easy to find pictures of tits, in fact, on the internet it's hard to get through a day without seeing a least one lovely pair of bouncing judders. But as any sixteen-year-old sweatily bringing a Playboy up to the counter of a newsagent's expecting everyone in the room to suddenly point and start screaming like the guy from Invasion of the Body Snatchers will tell you, titties become considerably more satisfying when you have to work for them.


  1. The proper Socialist response is to levy a punitive tax on "unearned" titties.

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  5. There was a game on the MAME at the Gaming Club of the uni I went to called "Play Girls 2," where you have to beat stages of Space Invaders in levels with a woman in the background. There would be four levels of a woman covered with something (water, fire, slime, etc.) that would lessen as you beat the stages, and on the third one, she was very nearly revealed, but always on the fourth one, the screen would clear and show that she wasn't actually naked, just wearing a strangely-shaped bra or some crap.

    It was kinda bogus, but that didn't stop me from playing a considerable way into the game.

  6. Well how Ironic, Tamas. I turned seventeen today.

    Indeed, it's rather difficult NOT to come across tits on the Internet nowadays. In fact, just today I had an unexpected run-in with a pair.

  7. That's not ironic. That's barely coincidental.

  8. I guess bubble bath babes on the NES doesn't count since they were already naked, no challenge there. ;)

  9. The only 'room escape' game(s) that I play is the Submachine series.

  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 kinda has challenge rooms, I suppose I play them, even though I don't see Rosalina's titties.

  11. I played Arkham Asylum's challenge rooms. You should give those a shot, Yahtzee, they're all the best parts of the game distilled into one cement, thug-filled box.

  12. Yatzee, I finished reading Mogworld a few weeks back and have been highly recommending it to my friends. I am greatly looking forward to your second novel and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Mogworld!

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